• Vince Vaughn’s Mom does fitness DVDsShea Vaughn
  • Vince Vaughn’s Mom does fitness DVDs

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Vince Vaughn’s Mom does fitness DVDs

Posted on Jun 02, 2010 by Kimberly Peiffer

While Vince Vaughn is busy shooting films, getting married and just living it up being a dude, his mom is keeping things healthy and fit in the Chicago suburbs.

First Fitness and Wellness expert Shea Vaughn developed Sheanetics, an east-meets-west mind body exercise program which she says is a blend of yoga, pilates, tai chi, dance, gyro-kinesis and more.

When the popularity for her classes grew, Mamma Vaughn decided to expand her exercise empire so that people on the go could take her moves with them. She launched three Fitness DVD’s based on her Sheanetics principles. 

Vaughn says the key to a successful fitness regime for anyone is simply mixing it up. “Give them things the body hasn’t done before and really keep it fresh,” she said. 

Vaughn teaches a full schedule of classes at her studio in Lake Forrest in addition to teaching at some fitness clubs and also doing personal training for clients. But it’s not just her clients that she has whipped into shape; her family loves it as well, including Vince.

“He has on occasion come to some classes,” she said of her famous son. “He has been known to drop in when his schedule allows it.”

Although Vaughn has had a passion for health and fitness all of her life, it’s teaching others and seeing a difference in them that keeps her going day after day. “The best compliment I receive is that people really stick to it and they keep coming back,” she said. “When people really share with you their experience, the tears just start rolling down my cheeks.”

Learn more about Sheanetics at Sheanetics.com 

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