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The Juice Queens

Posted on Jul 28, 2010 by Kimberly Peiffer

Ah, yes; the instant and uncontrollable fear that goes hand-in-hand with hearing the phrase “juice cleanse.” Us, not eat real food? Us, only drink juice? As if, we scoffed. Not do-able, most of us claim. We were definitely guilty of those negative thoughts until recently, when we took on the diligent task of trying out a little juice experiment of our own.

Armed with the willpower of the thinnest celebrities, we ordered up a three-day trial of the hottest cleanse on the market known as The BluePrintCleanse, envisioning the worst and imagining ourselves going without energy (or the sheer will to get out of bed at all) for three days.

But what we discovered upon the arrival of our overnight, Fed-Exed delivery of fresh juices was more than a pleasant surprise. Trust us, we’ve tried other juice cleanses; and we’ve loathed every second of the experience. But the BlueprintCleanse, developed by pals Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss (who were convinced there should be juice cleanses in this world that were actually edible) was just not that kind of experience.

We popped open the first of six daily juices, which you drink in order (they’re marked by number) every few hours; the first, a mix of apple, celery and other good-for-you greens, was heaven in our mouths. Fresh, healthy-tasting and actually edible, we were already on the path to success. Throughout the day the cleanse provides you with a series of yummy-tasting fresh-pressed concoctions (Spicy lemonade, pineapple mint, beet) that we couldn’t wait to devour. And we actually felt good, not like we were going to snap at any moment.

For those who are thinking “no way,” we hear ya. It sounds like a scarier experience than being stuck in a room with Naomi Campbell. But the glory of Blueprint Cleanse is that you choose the severity of the cleanse (there’s three different levels of intensity, plus a juice and food option for a lighter version of a cleanse) and you choose how long you want to do it (a three-day is recommended, but you can go for just one if you like).

We found it a breeze to get through the day without food, even when our 3pm sugar cravings usually struck, but the absolute best part of each day on the cleanse was finishing juice #6 in the series; a rich, creamy, irresistible tasting cashew nut milk that tasted so much like a milkshake, we’re still not convinced it actually wasn’t one.

After three days on the cleanse and 6 pounds less on our frame, we actually wish we would have ordered it for longer. In fact, we’re craving some of that fresh-pressed juice as we speak.

Take that, other cleanses.

Order your BluePrintCleanse here and take the challenge for yourself.

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