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The Glow Guru

Posted on Dec 08, 2010 by Kimberly Peiffer

Beauty guru Kate Sommerville works on some of Hollywood’s most flawless faces. So we just had to ask, what’s her secret to achieving that ultimate glow? After all, we thought it was a match made in heaven that The Glow List interviewed the ultimate glow guru. Below, she shares her tidbits, secrets and thoughts on being beautiful, inside and out.

GL: What is the #1 most important aspect of getting a healthy, all-over glow? 

Exfoliate and hydrate.  For an added glow try a self tanner like the Somerville 360 Tanning Towelettes.  Easy use one-time towelettes that work with the protein in your own skin to give you a deep golden glow without streaking or uneven spots. 

GL:What is one red carpet secret that we should know about how to look our best when going out for a fab evening?

I’m pretty low maintenance.  Before going out for a big night I gently steam and do a gentle scrub with a wet washcloth.  I apply ExfoliKate, leave on for a few minutes and rinse off.  After patting-dry my skin I apply a product containing hyaulronic acid like Quench Hydrating Serum and seal it in with a peptide anti-aging treatment like CytoCell or Deep Tissue Repair.  A little blush/bronzer and lip gloss and I’m ready to go!

GL:When you are feeling less-than-great about yourself, (whether you over-indulged on the weekend or you have been stressed and havent been getting sleep) what is one thing you do that makes you feel better and gets you feeling like yourself again? 

A warm bath with aromatic bath oils like lavender.  Aromatherapy really helps me distress.  While I soak I’m sure to put on a treatment mask (depends on what my skin is up to what type of mask I use).  Afterwards I give myself a quick reflexology on my feet and I feel so much better. 

GL:We know that beauty comes from the inside out; what are some power foods / meals that you think really contribute to glowing skin? 

I love making spinach with a little lemon and garlic over brown rice.  It tastes delicious, feels clean and is full of all the B vitamins.

GL: What about vitamins? Any you have found that make a difference for skin?

Your largest organ is your skin, this will be the first place to show any type of vitamin depletion.  I recommend taking A, B, C, E, calcium, Zinc, and hyaulronic acid or my Total Vitamin Anti-Aging Supplements. 

GL: What celeb do you think has the best skin in Hollywood?

They’re like my children, I can’t name just one!  They all shine.

GL: Now that we’re transitioning into fall, how can we ease our skin into the new season without it getting out of whack? 

Start out by amping up your exfoliation routine.  Using ExfoliKate or a product containing lactic acid or glycolic acid will help break up some of the unwanted pigment as a result of too much sun exposure.  My new Complexion Correction Kit is a three-step program to help even out skin tone, break up age spots, sun damage and freckles.  The treatment contains alpha-arbutin, retinol and a hydroquinone spot treatment. 

GL: If we can only buy one of the fabulous products from the Kate line, which should we buy and why?

ExfoliKate (reason below) or I’m pretty obsessed with my new CytoCell treatment product with stem cell technology.  The healing properties are incredible!  Anyone with fine lines and wrinkles, suffering from rosacea or post-breakout scarring can benefit from this product. 

GL: Exfolikate is so great, what makes it so much more amazing than other exfoliators on the market?

It’s awesome!  Exfolikate works so well because it contains both physical and chemical exfoliators.  The physical granules lift away dry and dead skin cells while the chemical exfoliators dissolves them away.  You’re left with a flawless, radiant glow. 

GL: What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

If something bothers you and you have the means to fix it, go for it.  The plastic, scary, ageless look I’m not a fan of. 

GL: What is one thing you do to unwind/relax when you have a moment to rest?

A relaxing bath and tons of time with my family. 

GL: What are your secrets to a happy, healthy life?

Balance is key to a happy and healthy life.  To love what you’re doing and to balance it with fun outside of work is necessary.  Give and learn how to receive, it is so important to take a moment for yourself.

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