• Guiliana Rancic’s Bikini-Ready Regime
  • Guiliana Rancic’s Bikini-Ready Regime

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Guiliana Rancic’s Bikini-Ready Regime

Posted on Apr 25, 2010 by Ryan O'Rourke

Guiliana Rancic has it all; a booming career, a hot husband and a smokin’ bod. GL sat down with her at Bloomingdales where she talked beauty, fitness and her no-fail feel-good routine. 

What are your biggest tips for looking great this summer and feeling good about yourself?

Eating healthy would be most important because then you feel good about yourself and look your best. Also I like to wear cute summer dresses and tops that show off my shoulder and clavicle because I just think it looks sexy. Clavicle, yes—I said it—I know, what a sexy word….

Any new workouts you’ve been trying that you love? What’s your typical weekly regime?

I really have to push myself instead of just going to the gym and fooling around, not really working out. If I go to the gym and I’m not really watching it, I’m just looking around to see if other people are watching me and I’m not really giving it my all. I just started with a trainer and I think that has really helped because then you definitely are being pushed. That, and I like to take classes because classes push you. I also like to weight lift, but the key is do low weights, high repetition so you don’t build bulk and instead you build long, lean muscles.

What’s your #1 tip for keeping skin glowing?

I’ve been using this product from DDF forever that I love; and staying out of the sun. I never go in the sun—I just go get a spray tan at whatever the local tanning place is.
What are your fave things to do during summer?

How do we get ourselves into bikini-ready shape, like ASAP?

Don’t drink water the day of the big event. I know that sounds weird but it bloats you and makes your stomach stick out. Just sip on water a little bit. And stay away from sodium a few days before. I like to eat veggies and grilled chicken breast, things like that.

What’s your #1 healthy food that makes you feel great.

I’ve been eating a lot of fiber lately, like those high fiber crackers from whole foods because they keep you full and they’re good for you. Definitely stay away from sugar and just eat healthy.

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