• An Escape Like no OtherA view of the ocean from the pool.
  • An Escape Like no OtherOne of the many luxurious infinity pools.
  • An Escape Like no OtherA view of the beach.

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An Escape Like no Other

Posted on Oct 01, 2010 by Kimberly Peiffer

Sometime life takes a toll on our sanity. And when life takes that toll, thou shall get themselves to a relaxing, rejuvenating spot where the weather is perfection, the food is fresh and the beach will leave you feeling completely renewed. When we were recently in such a situation, Cabo came-a-calling. So we packed our bags and headed to the One and Only Palmilla Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

We’ve been on many vacations, but this one blew every other trip out of the crystal clear water pretty much immediately.

After arriving to the airport and being picked up by one of the resort’s signature Hummers, we were wisked away 20 miles to the uber-private, totally secluded resort—nestled within the trees and up on a hill on a point overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Getting out of the hummer, we were greeted with umbrellas (to shield us from the sweltering Mexican sun) and fresh mango popsicles. Then we were escorted to our gorgeous ocean view room, where our own personal butler was there to attend to our every need.

Sure, that was just the beginning, and sure, we could write an entire novel on the outrageously amazing amenities at the resort. But the bottom line is this; three days of lying around the infinity pools, being spritzed down with fresh oxygen mist by pool boys, eating fresh cuisine, and being rubbed down in the world-class spa, and we just never wanted to leave.

It’s no surprise that A-list celebrities flock here for utter relaxation and pampering. And when the Glow List takes a vacation, we need to know we can come back feeling better than when we left. At the One and Only, we were able to get in a workout in their exquisite gym, stretch out with a yoga class, eat completely healthy, gourmet cuisine, and sleep like a baby.

No wonder they call it the One and Only. There’s simply nothing else like it.

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