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Dylan Lauren’s Sweet Life

Posted on Oct 29, 2010 by Kimberly Peiffer

Dylan Lauren is just the kind of friendly, down-to-earth girl you want to be your BFF. As daughter of fashion icon Ralph Lauren, she’s obviously got that whole fashion thing down pat. But then there’s her sweeter side: a love for candy at a young age led her to open her own candy store in New York, Dylan’s Candy Bar, and the candy darling has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Now with a new pop art inspired book called “Dylan’s Candy Bar: Unwrap Your Sweet Life,” filled with tasty candy recipes and fun candy craft ideas, the candy princess is continuing to spread her love of all-things sweet to the world.

But we wanted to know, as the glow-loving obessors that we are, how does she—the sugar queen—balance all her indulgences in life and still manage to look so amazing? After all, she loves candy. After chatting with her we were happy to discover that she, just like the rest of us, overindulges from time to time.

When you overindulge in sugar, there’s a couple of things you can do to regain that balance,” Lauren says. “First, eat some protein to stabalize your blood sugar. Then, drink an absolute ton of water and do a little exercise, even if its just a walk outside.”

When the CEO isn’t running her candy empire, she takes time for herself and takes care of her body. “I like to go jogging outside for exercise,” she says. “It really awakens the inner spirit.”

And what’s Lauren’s ultimate tip to living the sweet life? “Surround yourself with happy things—things that you love,” she says. “For me, its friend and family and people that make my life complete—and candy. I love standing in front of a colorful gumball machine. The colors alone make me happy. And I love giving gifts. Gifts make people happy.

When Lauren needs to take time to relax, you’ll find her walking the city, just breathing and abandoning her to-do list. “When I need to unwind I’ll take a walk, and I’ll try to completely abandon all my thoughts. I like to focus on my breathing.”

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