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How to Do Paris Like a Celebrity

Posted on May 11, 2011 by Kimberly Peiffer

When in need of a vacation, many times we find ourselves seeking out a sunny beach Mexico or a spa in Arizona to spend a few days renewing ourselves. But the Glow List recently discovered a place that is perfection for renewing the soul. The destination? A long weekend in Paris.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Paris in four days—that’s way too far!’ But a few nights in the city of lights, and trust us—you’ll be glad you jetted overseas.

It all started with a no-hassle flight on a chic airline from Newark airport called OpenSkies. After we made the commitment to spend a few days with the French, we were off to the airport one Thursday afternoon in a state of fiery, rampantly typing work emails, answering phone calls and trying desperately to cross everything off our to-do lists before we stepped foot on foreign soil. But after we schlepped our luggage on the plane and sat down in the all-business class airline known as OpenSkies, everything changed. We snuggled up with blankets and our own private TV screens while perusing some flicks and basically getting treated like royalty—including a chic meal selection that featured such choices as filet of beef, prawns and even fois gras. Gross airline food? Not even close—more like a 5-star meal. And the comfy reclining seats means we were drifting off into dreamland in no time, getting a few hours of sleep under our belts before our arrival.

Upon landing, we were wisked away to out hotel—Hotel Bristol—a magnificent, elegant respite nestled right in the middle of the city that is so fab, it was recently named a palace by the French. Everything—from the décor to the service—was absolutely top notch. In fact, after four night curled up in our hotel room with French windows, fresh flowers and even a few bubble baths in our private marble tubs, we quite simply didn’t want to leave.

Especially when you consider the amount of activities we needed to cover with only three full days in the city. But we managed to pack it in, from a private cooking lesson at the Ritz Hotel (sea bass and chocolate soufflé!) to world-class dinners at fancy five-star restaurants and even a private boat cruise down the Seine hosted by the lovely (and celeb favorite hotel) Plaza Athenee.

We’re not sure what it was—the nighttime strolls down the quiet streets of the city, the whimsical way we wondered about looking for macaroon shops or the abundance of dress boutiques, but something inside of us lit up with a few days in Paris. And it doesn’t hurt that we were treated like royalty from the moment we stepped off the plane till the moment we arrived back in New York. The icing on the cake had to be the amazing surprise of Laduree french macaroons given to us on our Openskies flight home. After four days of eating them straight, one last package of these decadent French cookies were like heaven.

All in all, we returned from abroad feeling completely renewed, inside and out. And we didn’t set foot near a gym—looks like the perfect escape is sometimes not what you expected. C’est la vie!

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