• The Best Beautifying Bronzers

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The Best Beautifying Bronzers

Posted on Jun 08, 2011 by Kimberly Peiffer

It’s summer, and we all want to get outside with our Hawaiian Tropic oil and a good magazine and get to work on our tans—but let’s face it, exposing our skin to harmful UV rays is probably not the best idea. And even if we are going to spend some days laying out (shhhh!), the beginning of summer means our skin is as pale as it could possibly get. So instead of hiding our limbs under long layers, get thee some bronzing products and start showing off some skin!

Refinery 29 dug through the masses of bronzers on the market to bring you four that actually, really work. And nothing is more Glow List-approved than a warm, healthy glow!

According to Refinery 29, you can gradually build a gorgeous glow that leaves you with that natural, I-just-got-back-from-Mexico look rather than a shocking neon effect. Your glow will be subtle, gradual, and, yes, hot. See below for their top tested tan enhancers, and read the full story here.

1. Primed & Poreless by Too Faced, $30, available at Sephora.
2. Everyday Face by St. Tropez, $25, available at St. Tropez.
3. Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Poweder by Physicians Formula, $13.99, available at Ulta.
4. Soleil Tan de Chanel, $50, available at Chanel.

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