• How Ripped is Kelly?
  • How Ripped is Kelly?

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How Ripped is Kelly?

Posted on Apr 26, 2010 by Ryan O'Rourke

The 37-year-old tv host, mom and wife tells Fitness Magazine how she stays so incredibly fit. We’re not gonna lie, we’re insanely jealous of that bod, but she’s so down to earth and lovable, we can’t not like her!

What’s your routine now?
KR: I am totally hooked on this sculpting class I discovered at [New York City gym] Physique 57. It’s transformed my body in ways I never thought possible. Women are instant-gratification junkies, and I could see a difference physically within five classes. I’m a short person, but I’m becoming longer and leaner. The class works your glutes, your abs, and your obliques. It’s all about building muscle, then stretching it out. I’ve never been addicted to something like this. I go at least four times a week.

Group classes or private?
KR: It’s an hour-long group class. It’s always crowded—you have to wedge yourself in there. But there’s something about working out with a group of women that’s really inspiring. As women, we do better if we exercise with a partner. It’s the most exhausted yet stimulated I’ve ever felt. I took Mark to it, and he was like, “This is too challenging, I can’t do this.” He hasn’t gone back.

What move really works your body?
KR: There’s one where you get into a deep pli�, rise up on the ball of one foot, then switch to the ball of the other foot and back. Eventually you rise up on the balls of both feet while staying in pli�. You go down an inch, up an inch, down an inch, up an inch. Your legs are literally shaking. The burn is significant. But boy, it really sculpts my legs!

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