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Founder Kim Peiffer
The Glowlist is an online resource dedicated to creating a better, more beautiful you—inside and out!  Scour our content to find the latest articles on fitness, beauty, wellness, diet, spa and wellness travel and get the inside scoop on all-things that help to create that inner and outer glow we all crave in our lives.

A love for achieving that inner and outer “glow” herself, founder Kim Peiffer created The Glow List after years of searching for content out there that help us feel better about ourselves and live healthier, more balanced lives. 

She has traveled the globe searching for the latest spa destinations for the ultimate relaxing vacation, tried endless beauty products in a quest to find the “best of the best” of everything on the market, tried thousands of healthy recipes and created her own in an attempt to create delicious and low fat variations on traditional favorites, and woken up many mornings not able to get out of bed from a new workout class that she “just couldn’t resist.”

Kim is an editor, writer, reporter and TV correspondent who has worked for such media outlets as People Magazine, Oprah, InStyle Magazine, Glamour, NBC, Modern Luxury, Juli B, Daily Candy and many more.